Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Rangers of Shadow Deep - Rangers

Anyone sifting through my blog will see that I flit around to various genres, with an emphasis on 40K and sci-fi. Several months ago I chanced upon a description of a relatively new game (at the time anyway) called Rangers of Shadow Deep. It is a medieval fantasy setting, geared for cooperative play, and uses the Frostgrave system more or less. I'm not quite sure what it was in the person's synopsis that made me want to play it (I haven't played a tabletop fantasy game since the original Mordheim!) but I decided to dive in because it sounded like a lot of fun.

I bought a bunch of rangers so that anyone I played with had a good set of choices and I settled on a cool female ranger made by Otherworld Miniatures for myself. I picked the name Lewinna, who is a quite obscure saint with dubious provenance I read about in a book on relic thefts.

From left to right we have Gabriella (Reaper duellist), Ladyhawke (Mega Miniatures), Lewinna (Otherworld), Sasha (Frostgrave plastic female soldiers), and Orbis the hound (Frostgrave).

My kids (ages 9 and 5) picked some rangers out of the pile for me to paint for them.

Here we have Blaze and Seeker the Panther, the 5-year-old's pick. He wanted an animal companion since his older brother had one, and wanted a panther. Luckily I had a Ral Partha lioness unpainted in the lead pile. The ranger is from Reaper.

Thor and Mary the Wolf, my 9-year-old's pick. Both are from the same Reaper pack. Not quite sure where the name of the wolf came from...

A little scene of Lewinna discovering a clue.

I've played the first scenario twice now, once with the family using four rangers and a companion each, and once with a friend. So far I like it quite a bit and am furiously painting stuff for the next scenario.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Wargames Atlantic Halflings

I had the opportunity to paint some 3D printed prototypes of two of the upcoming plastic Halflings set being produced by Wargames Atlantic.

Sprue removal and assembly of delicate 3D parts is challenging, but the print quality was super high and they are a good indicator of the quality of the upcoming set. I think people will like them.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Gelida Frozen World Project - Canids

I've been working steadily on a community 40K ice world project, "Gelida: The Frozen Expanse" being organized by on Facebook. Here are some canids I've been working on. 

I used Fenrisian wolf bodies as the base model. I sculpted a new tail, added two more digits to each paw, and modified the snout. I had two ideas in mind for my canids. One was that they would burrow in snow and their nose should be high up so it would be out of the snow, so I positioned the nasal orifices higher on the skull.

Second I wanted a substantial tail- the canid uses it to swipe the snow behind them to disguise tracks etc. as they hunt- I kind of assumed they weren't an apex predator, so even though they are tough and vicious they have to be sneaky too. Also, the tail, along with rest of the pelt, is what makes them desirable for hunting.



One of my humans for the setting, who got separated from her pack...

And the same picture with some snow effects added in Photoshop.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

40K Imperial Naval Security Troopers and Admiral Sora

I read Dan Abnett's book Xenos, featuring the inquisitor Eisenhorn, a few years ago. For some reason the descriptions of the Naval Security troops in the Eisenhorn books stick with me, and I'd been wanting to make some versions of the troops ever since.

I accumulated components quite a long time ago, and the project went on the back burner. When GW recently announced the Necromunda Enforcers, which have a similar carapace armor vibe, I knew I had to get them done quick or I'd never get to them.

The WIP shows my build. I used Dreamforge Eisenkern bodies, shoulder pads and weapons from Mad Robot, and helmets from MaxMini. The bases are from Champ Industries.

Here's the five troopers I ended up with, along with Admiral Sora (produced by Victoria Miniatures). The original had a hook hand, which I replaced with a slightly modified plastic hand so that it looked bionic.

The backdrop is a space photo I bought from eBay. The photo was placed a few inches behind a wall I made using Maki Games components, acquired from a Kickstarter they ran a few years ago.

I have about thirty more figures set aside for ratings, engineers, and armsmen, plus a few officer types. Someday!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Rogue Trader Era Arbites and Administratum Scribe

As a follower of the Eldritch Epistles blog,  I would see some unearthed and exceedingly rare unreleased miniatures- and then lament that I'd never get my hands on them.

Wargames Foundry did something amazingly cool and released a set of these previously unavailable Rogue Trader era miniatures.

I finally worked my way through the whole set: 8-ball (who I painted a while back), two Arbites, an Administratum Scribe, and an unknown armored guy.



 Also up for view is a "Confession Booth" made by MaxMini that I have had my eye on for several years.

The guy on the left is a sculpt offered for sale to members of the "Emporium of Rogue Dreams" Facebook group. I thought he had some similar design aesthetics to the anonymous armored guy so I painted them both at the same time.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

40K Civilian Noblewoman

I've been chipping away on some figures for a short narrative campaign, surrounding the intrigues of a noblewoman's household. I had painted a miniature to represent the noble a while back, but she didn't quite fit the vibe- I'll use the previous as the mother in law.

The base figure is a resin courtesan from Fenryll. I added a variety of plastic bits- a servo-skull, Grey Knight reliquary, an old Rogue Trader communicator, a bit from the new Escher kit, and some minor green stuff work. The good news is she already had some rings (cough... Jokaero digital weapons).

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Emporium of Rogue Dreams "Skiff-bash Challenge" 40K Skimmer

This is a long delayed post... I took part in a couple online challenges in March and April and this was the result of one of them. The challenge was building a skimmer out of junk or other parts, kits not allowed.

I had been stopping by the thrift store about twice a week before I found something that caught my imagination.

The proud owners are miniatures from the Emporium group, I painted them up at the same time as the skimmer, they seemed like they went with it.