Sunday, May 5, 2019

Grimdark Cards Challenge - King of Xenos

As I was scrolling through Instagram several weeks ago I chanced across the "Grimdark Cards" challenge. The #GrimdarkCards challenge was started on Instagram by user (theendsoftheearthart), and there were dozens of people taking part by the time the 'challenge' ended around April 1. Basically, a person is randomly allocated a card from John Blanche's Dark Millenium deck, and you create the miniature.

The card randomly drawn for me was the King of the Xenos suit, which I hadn't looked at much. As I investigated it there are a lot of neat details. I'm honestly not sure if this guy is pro- or anti-xenos, we will have to see :)

 I started with a Delaque body that had a nice swaying pose, and ended up carving almost everything off. I might as well have just started from scratch.


The pose on the card seemed to indicate that the mask was not held up to the face directly, which gave me the opportunity to show the guy behind the mask. 


I felt compelled to have the little guy in the background as well. I decided this time around to go full greenstuff- he's my first fully sculpted miniature. The intention was to cast him in resin- I kept the head separate, and there's a gap behind the arms so that i can put other things in that space.

I built a sign so that I could incorporate the suit symbol, out of a stick and a small piece of plasticard. There's a pile of skulls at the base. Last but not least, I painted a watercolor background to create an environment.


Saturday, March 23, 2019

Wargames Atlantic Greek Skeleton Warriors

A few weeks ago I was asked to paint some 28mm Greek-themed fantasy skeletons for a new company, Wargames Atlantic.

They're very well tooled, with almost zero mold line cleanup. They build quickly. A sprue has three bodies with integrated legs, and a torso/pelvis with separate legs which allow a person to build a skeleton that is running, advancing, standing, or to simply use the components for scenic purposes.

Weapon options are predominantly spears, although there is a sword, sarissa (pike), and bow, as well as four shields. The horned animal head shown above could easily be used on a body- I attached it to a spear to serve as a standard. The plastic glues very easily with styrene glue (some miniature plastics don't seem to).

Overall a very nice kit, with good detail and customization options. The thickness of the bones and weapons should be good for gaming purposes. 

Building these dredged up pleasant memories of Jason and the Argonauts!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Oldhammer Goblin

I picked up a large lot of random Oldhammer miniatures at a flea market a year or so ago. This was the first of the group I have painted so far, a little goblin scout. I don't know the details on this guy, late 80s I assume.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Valkeeri Mind Slaves - Hydra Miniatures

I've been painting Hydra Miniatures' upcoming releases for a couple of years now. I was sent some Mind Slaves (strapping men captured by the Valkeeri to be used for fighting and who knows what else) in late January so they could be ready in time for a Valentine's Day sale.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Blackstone Fortress - Warhammer Quest - 40K - Full Set Painted

In what may be a Herculean feat that I haven't accomplished for over twenty years, I manged to paint up a full set of miniatures from a Games Workshop big box game- before they released an expansion for it!

I knew I was getting Blackstone Fortress as soon as it came out. The figures looked cool and I liked the idea behind the game. I manged to get them all built within a week of buying it, and it's taken me several weeks to get it all painted up. Games Workshop figures sure have a lot of detail...

And the "hostiles"...



Unaligned Hostiles.

I painted the Chaos forces to match the color scheme of my cultists from the Assassinorum: Execution Force set. 

Glad to have this set done, it took a lot of time and a bit of luck- I had three inclement weather days which I used for painting. I haven't played yet, but hope to get a game in within the week.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Gelida: The Frozen Expanse Project - Inq28 - 40K

While browsing threads on The Lead Adventure Forum I came across a neat little thread posted by Blasphemia Blackwood. In it she shows pics of a mech in an evocative winter scene, built for an Inq28 style project called 'Gelida: The Frozen Expanse'. It's one of those niche internet group projects that explore the fringe elements of the 40K grimdark setting. The setting is a frozen planet cut off from the Imperium.

Anyway, long story short I was inspired enough to join the Facebook group and knocked out a mech and a pilot really quickly. I hadn't done snow effects before either, so it was pretty fun.

The base model for the mech is an Imperial Guard Sentinel of course; I modified it a bit by blending the armored and scout components. I used an Orlock stubber and harpoon gun for weaponry, and other bits to make it look 'lived in'. Lastly, I extended the feet a bit for stability on snow and ice.

The pilot is an Imperial Pilot from the 'Battle for Macragge' box set. I added an Auspex and a sniper rifle, plus some greenstuff.

After adding snow and ice I painted a quick scenic backdrop and made a base with snowdrifts for photo purposes. Credit to Blasphemia for the idea to paint a backdrop, I more or less copied her :)



Ventor Tentyritæ is one of the last surviving members of the once prosperous Tentyritæ family. The family was the foremost supplier of Gelidan animals to wealthy offworld clients looking for exotic specimens. It was said that numerous xenos beasts supplied by House Tentyritæ made their way to the Necromundan Hive Primus, destined for the laboratories of House Escher or Spire menageries, and rumor has it that some beasts were even seen in the fighting arenas of Commorragh.
After Gelida was cut off from the Imperium, Tentyritæ's patronage disappeared and their fortunes fell drastically...

I see this as a sort of spinoff from the 40K Xeno beast hunter group I painted several months ago.

The last shot has been tweaked with Photoshop, adding in some blowing snow. I'm pretty happy with the final result of this little segue- the pilot is up there with my best painting and converting.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Sisters of Battle - Retributor Squad - 40K Adepta Sororitas

Here's another group of reinforcements for my Sisters of Battle: a heavy bolter Retributor squad, a Sister with a flamer, and everyone's favorite blow-up doll, the Sister Dialogus.

Like the last squad, the Superior is a conversion using a head supplied by Statuesque Miniatures, with a sword by Trolls Under the Bridge. This time I used a 'Pulp Scale' head- I tried a 'Heroic Narrow' and after painting it decided it was too big. One sister received a new purity seal and a slightly fuller head of hair.

The Dialogus... what more can I say? I have another one that is going to get a new head :)
I'll probably go back and redo the Imperial Eagle on the scroll. My enthusiasm was not high!

In the background you might notice some terrain items... these are 'Makitainers' from a Maki Games Kickstarter I picked up a couple of years ago.