Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Lead Painter's League 2018 - Round 3 - Planet of the Worm Men

This is my round 3 entry for the LPL. "Planet of the Worm Men". Another loser- I'm getting spanked this year!

The Worm Men are stock from Hydra Miniatures, the woman is a 'Valkeeri Leader' but I swapped her head for one from Statuesque Miniatures. The skimmer is from Pulp Alley.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Lead Painter's League 2018 - Round 1 - Pig Tickler

This is my first entry for the 2018 LPL.

This is a full set of miniatures for the game 'Pig Tickler' produced by Eureka Miniatures, plus two extra stokers from the first variant of the game. The pennons are thin foil from a wine bottle, painted different colors so that players can identify their piece. I stole that idea from Matakishi. I've had these minis for years, and they probably wouldn't have gotten done at all if not for the 'British' theme on round 1.

Haven't played it yet, but it's a game of mayhem as players try to maneuver around scoring points for 'tickling' the steam powered pig, all the while dodging stokers and the pig itself.

Lead Painter's League 2017, Round 10 - D is for Deep Ones

My entry for the Lead Painter League 2017, Round 10 (which I neglected to post).

A collection of small Deep Ones from Grenadier and RAFM and a big guy from the Strange Aeons game. The little girl is from Statuesque and was shown on the blog about a year ago.

Lead Painter's League 2017, Round 9 - Imperial Agents

My entry for the Lead Painter League Round 9, 2017 (which I apparently never posted).

These miniatures are from a variety of sources.

The nuns are conversions. I'm using them as Order Famulous novices.
EMP Games

The 'Adeptus Painticus" guy is a fan sculpt from the Collecting Citadel Miniatures group.
Collecting Citadel Miniatures

The guard are Empire bodies, Cadian Arms, Bretonnian helmets, and I think the leader has a Cadian face.

The Order Pronatus is a converted 'Hussar Girl in Winter Garb':
Hussar Girl

Blue Hair gunslinger is the Ordic Pistolier from the Warmachine game.

Mr. Servo Skull is also converted, using a vox piece from a Imperial Guard backpack. 

Monday, April 23, 2018

Frateris Milita Recruits

I added two new recruits to my small Frateris Militia band. The woman is from the Void/Urban Mammoth range, the man is a militia miniature from the old 2nd edition 40K days, with some weapon swaps from Mad Robot.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Tau Kill Team Worm Warrior

I added a member to my Tau Kill Team for Shadow War: Armageddon. The original model is a 'Worm Man' from Hydra Miniatures' Retro Raygun range. After removing his original gun, I added a Tau carbine, a greenstuff helmet, and some new greenstuff arms.