Saturday, May 9, 2015

Lead Adventure League Round 3 - Leibhusaren

Here is my Round 3 entry to the Lead Painter's League. I knew this was the weaker of my three initial entries due to a lack of color and variety- naturally I went up against Captain Blood, who is arguably the hardest to beat in the League. Defeat!

This group adds to my Hinterland Miniatures imagi-nation female hussar force. The kneeling riflewomen will be part of my machine gun units- they weren't available when I painted the maxim teams. Viktoria Luise is a conversion, I added a waving sword arm and a pelisse. The fallen horses are from Northstar.

Here's a couple older pictures prior to including the new additions.


  1. Brilliant. These lovely ladies certainly got my vote.


  2. Thanks! I really like the Hinterland Miniatures- I really need to focus on getting them finished up. I have quite a few cavalry in the queue.

  3. Great looking units, excellent job!