Tuesday, July 12, 2016

40K Xenophile

A couple years ago I had an entry in the Lead Painter's League that featured a few Xeno-loving humans battling some Sisters of Battle.

One had a Tau mask, and I intended on replacing his laspistol with a Tau pistol (after I discovered the Pathfinders box had one) to show that he'd worked his hardest to acquire an artifact from the culture he admires so much. As is often the case, he sat on my desk for many months awaiting paint.


  1. Great stuff - I always loved these cultists since I saw that LPL entry. I should really steal the idea and make some myself!

  2. Those cultists look great: the masks are a brilliant idea!

  3. Thank you, they were fun to create. I have some more planned, masks more or less ready to go. I have a lengthy campaign planned for them to show up in.

    1. Hope to see some of the campaign stuff show up here or on LAF: always love reading other people's ideas!