Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mongolian Princess

Lead Adventure Forum is running another painting club, "The Back of Beyond", and this is my second figure for the event. The miniature is the "Mongolian Princess" from Copplestone Castings. She is one of my favorite Copplestone figures for some reason. He is the master of dredging up the most obscure subjects.

I also made a Mongolian Buddhist stupa after doing some research into the setting. After a few initial failures trying to gently bend and glue craft foam into the correct shape, I sculpted a truncated pyramid out of plasticine and cast it in plaster. Additional features are craft foam and epoxy 'greenstuff'.

I based it off this picture:


  1. Nice looking princess and beautiful building...

  2. Brilliant work on a great model! Very nice building too ;)

  3. Thanks all. The Stupa is off, when I make more I will be more faithful to the design :)