Saturday, April 15, 2017

Lead Painter's League 11 - Round 2 - Fool's Gold

Round 2 of the LPL this year was a retro sci-fi scene. A while back I saw a 'Space Action' cover with a quartered uniform scheme that I wanted to try on a Hydra Miniatures spaceman. I switched out the red/green as I have never been a fan of that combo.

The spaceman is a Hydra 'Commander Mudpie' with a new head, from a Games Workshop Frateris Militia. He has a Bruce Campbell look that I like.

The creatures are 'Ferrus Testudines' that I acquired in a Kickstarter run by Krakon Games. They have metallic shells, and I wanted them to have a rusty golden iron pyrite appearance.

The skimmer is a 'Cerny Skimmer' that was available for a short time from Pulp Alley.


  1. That is a brilliant scene. The space man looks ace, and I love the terrain you have built.

    1. Thanks! I have all the other critters from the KS built, just need to prime and paint :)

  2. Wonderful. I especially like the alien eggs. Regards, Karl

  3. Sounds great, beautiful terrain and minis!