Thursday, November 29, 2018

Frateris Militia Recruits

A small group of five fresh recruits for the Frateris Militia band I'm working on.

Four of the figures are conversions based on the original Frateris bodies,  the woman is from the VOID/Urban War range. One of the laspistols is resin, from Mad Robot.

I recently read the 2nd edition 40K Sisters Codex again and saw that a Frateris band can have four special weapons if they number over ten figures, so I'll probably convert the next group to have two heavy stubbers and two hand flamers. I also need to add a standard bearer, then this unit will be done.


  1. These are great. Also great to see someone using the 2nd ed rules too ;)

    1. I had a fairly decent Sisters army back in 2nd edition- sadly, I sold it off many years ago when I needed some money and wasn't playing 40K regularly. I have since reacquired all the figures and hope to replicate the army before the new models drop at the end of 2019 :)

      My crown jewel was an Immolator with a dozer blade and some painted text on it, looking forward to re-doing it :)