Thursday, November 28, 2019

Bob Olley Samurai Orcs - Lead Adventure League - Round 6

This is a project long in the making. My round 6 LPL entry was "Bamboo Raiders", and was the last group of Samurai-inspired orcs I needed to finish to complete the set I bought around fifteen years ago.


The larger troll/oni I acquired a couple of years ago- but he's by Bob Olley as well, so fits right in.

The first  LPL I was in, in 2011, introduced this group:


I added this band of orcs in 2012:

Add this group in 2017:

2018's entry:

This does it for my Samurai orcs and goblins army, a bunch of minis I bought for no reason other than I liked they way they looked.


Thanks for looking!


  1. Beatifully painted- i like the blue/grey skin yone. What in the world is that orc riding? A goblin/dog/horse hybrid?

    1. Not quite sure, that guy is a goblin shaman I think... he's from the Clan War game. Looks like a weird semi-sentient demon/goblin/dog hybrid as you say :)

  2. Brilliant, and great work on completing the whole set!