Thursday, October 13, 2016

Foundry Elf Nymphs and Mushroom Forest

I painted a very eclectic assortment of miniatures in September and October. In addition to the Azande in the previous post and a group of figures for Hydra that I can't reveal yet, I painted a mushroom forest set and a couple dozen figures that have been lingering around the desk for months and in some cases... years.

I took stock of all my primed figures, and decided that if I still wanted to paint them, I would paint them. If I didn't want to, I still painted them. If I really didn't want to... I sold them off.

I'm planning on taking some scenic shots of all the groups, but in the meantime I have some Foundry Elf Nymphs that were left over from an LPL entry from three years ago and finally got painted. Honestly I don't much care for the sculpts in this range, there's some odd anatomy and sculpting shortcuts that are very annoying.

The mushroom forest is from a Kickstarter campaign that Atcheson Creations ran. I already had one set painted, and again, took a couple years to get the second set done.


  1. Lovely stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Really WELL done! :D I'm curious about the female androids, what is the manufacturer? Thanks.

    1. I think they are Antenociti's Workshop- but, I believe they are out of production. One (the blue) has a Statuesque Miniatures headswap.