Sunday, October 16, 2016

Lillie Poots (Statuesque Miniatures)

Another figure that was part of the recent primed-figure clear out was 'Lillie Poots' from the manufacturer Statuesque Miniatures. This range of figures, by Andrew Rae, are really top notch and fun to paint. His earlier stuff was hand sculpted and super crisp. He has moved to digital sculpting and in my opinion they are the best digital to metal translations on the market. Perfect resolution of details and fun to paint. 

I'm not a huge fan of painting exaggerated OSL (Object Source Lighting) in miniatures, but she has a lantern, so I thought I might as well try it.

When I set up a more directed, focused light to get a cast shadow and some atmosphere the figure didn't change much, so I'm pretty happy with the light effect.

Oddly, it looks a little more rough when it's not evenly lit with an umbrella setup.


  1. Ah hem, ah hem. Whooooo? ;)

    Very nice rendition of little Lillie.

    1. Wow... what a mistake on my part. I had another sculptor's name on my mind (and even worse, a company I am not happy with). What an embarrassing mix up. I've painted enough of your stuff from Antenociti, Hasslefree, and Statuesque to know the difference!

      I blame the three letter rhyming last names :)

    2. :) no worries, you're not the first! Though usually it's the other May brother as we at least share a first name. Thanks for the kind words, it's always good to hear the digital figures work in metal. That was always my main aim when I made the switch.