Friday, June 16, 2017

Shadow War: Armageddon Sororitas Kill Team

I was one of the lucky people that managed to snag a box of Shadow War: Armageddon from the GW site upon release. The box is full of nice terrain and the rules are basically a streamlined Necromunda, so it was a no-brainer for me to try to acquire.

The first kill team I organized is a Sororitas squad. I had most of the figures painted already, but I wanted to use the plasma pistol Superior so I had to paint her up to match. Because I really don't record a recipe when I paint it can be tough to match things I painted a few years ago. This time it went pretty smooth and I used a decal for the text on the chainsword to speed things up.

Praesidio Angelica was initially composed of a Superior with a chainsword and plasma pistol, two gunners (one with a flamer and one with a storm bolter and laser sight), two battle sisters, and a novitiate. I added another sister after the first fight, which I won handily. I was glad to have the ladies on the table!

Overall I'd say it's a fun game and plan to get some more battles in.


  1. Looking very nice. The white/cream paint scheme is very striking.

  2. Very nice indeed! And a reboot of Necromunda is always good...

  3. Those really are very nice indeed. The cream is a much softer look than the more common black armour. It suits them rather well I think.

    I'm enjoying Shadow Wars a lot, although my Imperial Guard veterans are really struggling with those pesky Harlequins!

    1. Thanks!

      As per usual there's some balance issues with the add-on 'gangs'. The core three are likely very balanced... it's the later stuff that is included for coolness that tends to be over the top. That was certainly the case back in the days of Mordheim, BFG, Necromunda...

  4. Great colour combination, they look awesome!