Friday, July 7, 2017

Shadow War: Armageddon - Adepta Sororitas Additions

I've been continuing to play Shadow War: Armageddon about once a week. After match three one of my sisters (the storm bolter, who is a heavy hitter) was captured by some filthy orks. I was worried that I might not have the melee strength the take down the ork sentries, so I decided to spend a promethium cache to get a Celestian for a game. This meant a conversion was in order. I wanted to update my Superior as well- she acquired the Gunfighter advance which meant she can dual wield pistols! I also decided to convert a simulacrum carrier, rather than use a stock Imagifier.

After doing the conversion work it meant I had to paint the three figures in a day to be ready for the match :)

 The Imagifier is an old banner bearer figure from the 90s. I cut off her banner pole and added a conversion bit from Trolls Under the Bridge. I really love the idea of a reliquary box- it has a supply hose snaking up to the box which I imagine to power a stasis chamber to protect the sacred object within. As I was getting ready to paint it I noticed that there was a socket in the top (not sure how I missed it) so I added a fleur-de-lis finial, also from Trolls.

 This conversion was a little more difficult because I started with a Seraphim Superior. After repositioning the legs and doing some greenstuff work to pull off the leg rotation, I swapped out the melee weapon she was pointing with for a marine plasma pistol. I also made a sheathed sword (bound in the finest deviant hide) because I had upgraded to a power sword. Looks like I missed painting the gem on the hilt... I was in a hurry :)

 Sister Superior Angelica was the star of the raid, taking down two ork sentries in melee without raising the alarm. The Celestian climbed up to the precarious perch where the captive was held and cut her free. I was able to sneak around the other two sentries. After the match Angelica picked up the Crack Shot skill.

The Celestian is a conversion as well. I already had a helmeted sister missing the front of her flamer I picked up second hand, so she would be a good start for switching to a melta gun. Cutting up these chunky old metal miniatures sucks! After a bit of work with a jeweler's saw and a Dremel I was able to fit a melta gun in place and tie it all together with greenstuff. The halo is another bit from Trolls Under the Bridge, and the small fleur on the helmet is a small component I had 3D printed that I cast in resin. The plan is to replicate this look for a full squad of celestians some day.

The kill team is up to eight now, and is kitted out with bolt pistols and frag grenades with a sprinkling of red-dot sights and other goodies. After next game I should be able to add another sister.

Cleanse and Purify!!!

EDIT: I received a question on a Facebook group asking "Which Order is this?"

I'm not actually sure- there is an army painted with this scheme in the Witch Hunters Codex but I don't believe it labels them. I thought they were a new version of the 'Sacred Rose' order (usually with a black robe), but I've never been sure.

I did find these images, from the Forces of the Inquisition Collector's Guide:

The left one appears to be from the studio army and is labeled "Silver Shroud".

The right is a showcase army with the scheme, and a Sacred Rose symbol on the back Exorcist.

Links to conversion bits:

 Trolls Under the Bridge Webstore

Trolls Under the Bridge eBay Store


  1. Very nice indeed. Where did the basing bits come from? They set the minis of nicely. And, your backdrops are perfect as always!

    1. The basing elements are a mix of things. Forge World used to sell a little Sororitas detail kit with icons in it, so some are from that. The cherub head is from a pack of plastic Christmas ornaments, and some of the others are from the Immolator kit which had a bunch of icon stuff in it. I made a few modifications to some of those and made some Sculpey copies with a press mold. Glad to finally be putting the bits to use. I have about a hundred SoB that need paint :(

    2. I guess part of the reason I have stuck with 2nd edition so long is that the armies are more manageable. 20 sisters would be a good army, 40 would be huge. 100 would be off the scale! Would you ever use them all at once?

    3. My '100' includes Seraphim, Repentia, and stuff like that- a lot of things that didn't show up in 2nd edition. I collected all the variants of the entire SoB range about seven years ago.

      You're so right about the army size of 2nd. I had a really nice 2nd edition SoB group at one point (Order of Our Martyred Lady- which I sold to my great regret) that I recall as being big. It was probably the size of the studio army in the Sisters of Battle Codex. That had a grand total of five seraphim, and maybe 25 regular sisters, and two vehicles! One of my goals is to re-do that army- and it wouldn't be a lot of work when it comes down to it.

      2nd edition really didn't have the 'spam' problem that later editions have, the armies were pretty diverse in my experience. The only downside I remember was the damn vortex and virus grenades ;)

    4. I seem to remember a White Dwarf article where one of the writers apologised for the Virus Grenade (and the Virus Outbreak strategy card...)!
      And I forgot about the Repentia, they could add a fair bit of bulk!

      Looking forward to seeing your Order of Our Martyred Lady army!

  2. They're really good. Well done on the conversions. I've found battle sisters very hard to convert: they're good models, but they are solid lumps of lead. Good luck painting up all the others!

    A quick question about the game - do sisters get a 6+ invulnerable save, as they tend to in 40k? I looked at the rules but I must have missed it.

    1. Thank you for the comments- you're right the chunky metal is a lot of work to modify. I have an old canoness I want to convert but that huge combi-gun attached to the leg is keeping me from committing :)

      The Sororitas do have a 6+ Shield of Faith save in SW:A. I don't think I have used it yet because the power armor has been a better save. They have one act of faith per game that allows re-rolls of 1s in shooting or melee for one turn, a simulacrum allows a second use.

  3. Very elegant conversions - seemingly effortless and entirely natural. I'm very fond of the helmeted sisters - they were a nice addition to the range when they arrived. Lovely!