Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Lead Painter's League 11 - Round 7 - Dark Eldar Arena of Blood

Apologies for taking so long to post my LPL 11 Round 7 entry. I was waiting until I had all the figures for the Arena of Blood game painted up (there were still three to complete after the initial photo). Sadly, this entry got absolutely slaughtered in the competition. I had a feeling I would lose anyway but not that badly ;)

Arena of Blood is a mini-game found in White Dwarf #229 (1999) which introduced simple rules for Dark Eldar gladiator fights. I was a big fan of the Dark Eldar in 3rd edition and had quite a large army at the time. I have had a desire to build a 3D version ever since. I finally started it around January 2017! I will put the WIP and arena build pictures in another post, as it could get lengthy.

The original game was played on a fold out map (included in the magazine) that had all the stats and specific rules for the characters. GW even included stand up card markers for the Wyches! Players place 'murder stakes' around the arena and then chaos ensues.

I decided to go with the newer Dark Eldar sculpts because they're so much better looking than the 3rd edition versions.


 Splinter Pistol and Knife.

Hydra Gauntlets (Hydra Knives in the old days)


  The Hellion is a  simple kitbash using a 3rd edition head that I believe is from the old Raider kit.

The Beastmaster is a more involved conversion, because the Beastmaster in Arena of Blood is on foot instead of riding a skyboard. The legs are from a plastic Wych, the torso and upper right arm are from a Warlord Games Zulu, the head is from a metal beastmaster, and the right hand was originally from a Heroclix figure. After I had him painted I realized that in Arena of Blood he has a splinter pistol, so I swapped out the hand. The skin wrap, backpack thing, and tubing are ProCreate (sort of like Greenstuff).

The Khymera is metal and I was not sure how basing him on the clear acrylic would work. I ended up leaving a post on the foot that is inserted into a hole I drilled into the base. Luckily it doesn't stand out.

I need to come up with stats for this guy (armed with dual razorflails) as this weapon combo didn't exist in 1999.

I wanted a shorter sword than the regular DE power sword for the Razorsnare/Falchion Wych- which no longer exists in 40K. I think the sword is from the Frostgrave Cultists set. Tough looking gal, no?

That completes a full set of Wyches for the game. I have more built because I want a male and female for each type, and from different Wych Cults. These ones are in the scheme of the 'Seventh Woe'.


  1. HAHAHA Oh man I've been accumulating bits to do pretty much what you've just done! Wow! It looks amazing!

    I actually came up with some rules for the razorflail wych...maybe you and your mates could play test them for me! I went with the idea to create a melee focused character who could have ranged attacks (considering it's a whip sword).

    Name Lacerai; 5+ save; wounds/AP 4/8, 3/7, 2/6, 1/5
    Reactions, Lash or Slash
    Attacks (name, AP, to hit, to would, others)
    Lash, 1, 3+, 4+
    Slash, 1, 4+, 4+, 2 attacks
    Reach, 2, ranged, 4+

    The main point is the choice of Lash vs Slash. Lash represents a blade in whip form where its hard to block (it's meant to be a counter to block), while slash is both blades in sword form.
    I added range to represent it reaching out like Ensare but being used as an attack. Was tempted to drop Reach to 1AP, and reduce the AP allowance by 1 for each wound tier.

    1. Looks like a great starting point, thanks :)
      I'd likely keep the 'to hit' and 'to wound' on Slash the same as the other Wyches, with the special rule of two attacks on the slash as you suggest. Good idea on a short ranged attack- maybe a d3 since ranged attacks roll off hex distance. I was also considering using the 'Falchion block' rule for a reaction, considering that the sword can go rigid.

      Thanks again. By the way your post on LAF is what finally got me off my ass to make this :)

    2. Really? I'm glad it did! It looks amazing!

      And I had actually considered giving it falchion block rule but then it makes it too much like the falchion/razorsnare mini. Since the name "Lacerai" means to rip and tear I didn't think that blocking made too much sense. My goal was to made something different yet similar. So both have range, but one drags and the other hurts. One is good at blocking and defensive play, the other is good at hitting and offensive play.

  2. Great work and I well remember this game from 1999.

    I know there are some other very good entries in LPL, but I am always surprised when yours get defeated.