Sunday, August 6, 2017

Darkest Africa Baluchis

The Lead Adventure Forum has a low-key painting challenge called the 'Army Painter' that runs from August to January 1st. The gist of the challenge is to paint a 'unit' for an army project each month and post it around the 1st. I think I've done it four years now, and I have picked Darkest Africa projects because it is the only way I will ever get the range done :)

This year it's Baluchis. I have a number painted already but I still possess a few packs of 'Baluchis in Arab Dress' and some zombie versions made by Obelisk which are now OOP, as far as I can tell. I've been wanting to get them painted for some October games for a while now and for some reason Halloween creeps up and they're still not done.

 Up first is the old DA82 (Now DAO52) "Baluchi Matchlockmen in Arabian Dress 2".

 I was chomping at the bit to do a test run on a zombie, so here's the first of them.

 I never did a group shot of my Missionaries of Africa, also known as the "White Fathers", so here they are. Converted from Perry clergy from the Crusades range.


  1. Very nice indeed. I really should do one of these challenges myself one day as I seem to need the motivation to get anything done!

    1. Extra motivation is essential for me- I have to keep some deadlines looming for almost all of my endeavors :)