Monday, August 7, 2017

Frateris Militia and Frills & Fauna Critters

As I work on painting a batch of figures I often squeeze in a random thing that doesn't quite fit the rest. I bought some weapon conversion bits from Mad Robot for use on some Frateris Militia, and wanted to test out the fit right away. The resin head is from a 3rd party as well- I think it might be MaxMini. This was a relatively quick paint over a crummy undercoat.

I also painted a few more resin miniatures from the 'Frills & Fauna' Kickstarter. I have them all built and based, but not primed, so they will trickle in over time.

The 'Mammoth Jird'. Here is Krakon Games' description: Giant flesh-eating jirds… A rogue’s best friend. Very little loyalty is required when your sole purpose is to make people disappear.

Robot Hound. No space-faring adventurer is complete without mechanical sidekick.


Group shot for scale, with some Chaos Cultists. I thought I had taken a pic of the 'Snapper', but apparently not...

Dr. Lye once described these creatures as “Walking Piranhas”. he’d have probably referred to them as that many more times had they not eaten him alive as he attempted to befriend one. Is it a fish? Is it a dog? Are you brave enough to find out?


  1. Nice work on the critters. The conversion to the militia guy is quite effective too: makes him into a very different kind of character.

  2. Very effective painting and conversion work on that militia guy and these critters look good too!

  3. Excellent work! The militia looks great and those critters are very interesting..

  4. The new head really does change the look of the Militia guy. I was never particularly keen on the 1990s poster-boy look of the original sculpt!

    Lovely critters too!

  5. Truely awesome paint-work, with stunning attention to detail. Your terrain/backdrops are brilliant too!