Saturday, December 31, 2016

End of the Year Randomness

I almost did it.

My goal was to get everything that I had primed (including terrain) painted before the end of the year, and I was close. Unfortunately an unexpected funeral came up and I had to be away from my house for six days while I traveled for that, along with Christmas travel.

My last burst included two kitbashed VSF walkers that I primed about five years ago, some miscellaneous Armorcast toolboxes, a cloth vendor's wares from a Eureka set, two new statues (54mm satyrs I picked up used at GenCon about two years ago, mounted on Hirst Arts bases) three Copplestone Castings policemen, a neat little plastic 'Great Crossbow' from Eccentric Miniatures, some scratch built shantytown terrain pieces I started a couple weeks ago, and a group of nine long neglected figures I plan to use for 40K games.

Also pictured are tents from Miniature Building Authority, (I think that's where the modern gabions are from as well), Ainsty, and a few that I can't recall where I obtained them. I thought they were from Pardulon but if so, I can't find them on their site. This stuff was all painted a few months back, I just never got around to photographing.

Whats left then, as far as primed terrain?

A large set of MDF industrial walkways and storage tanks.
A set of stone corrals from a Rorke's Drift box set.
Two shanty buildings from Miniature Building Authority (which I primed two weeks ago, I should have held off ;) )
Nine or so small sci-fi vehicles from Zombiesmith. I painted them once already but the paint flaked off the resin, so I stripped them and started over.

That's it for 'ready to go'. I have an absurd amount of built, half built, and still in the package terrain, miniatures, and vehicles.

I believe I painted about 158 miniatures, and a couple dozen terrain pieces this year. That might actually be a little light for me since I didn't do the Lead Painter League this year.

I'll be posting individual photos later when I have time to do some set ups. I'm pretty excited about getting the 40K figures finished- they're for a project I've had in mind for quite a long time!

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