Monday, December 19, 2016

Future Warriors Scavengers

A friend of mine acquired the rules for 'This is Not a Test", a post-apocalyptic skirmish game. Although I haven't really even perused the book it did induce me to prime and paint some old Grenadier Future Warriors I have had for a very long time. Most of these are still available from eM-4.


I also painted up a Copplestone Castings policeman as a statue. I couldn't see myself using this pose in a game. The pedestal is Hirst Arts blocks. 


  1. Awesome paint jobs. I keep thinking I'm going to get these figures, after seeing these pics I really need to.

    1. I know, I can't believe how long I've been holding on to them. Copplestone's are so fun to paint it's criminal!

  2. Very nice old minis - and cracking paintjob! The statue is pretty effective to :)

  3. A lovely job on some classic figures! The statue looks great too!

  4. Yeah, you did a great job on them Mathias! I especially like the Gridiron dude with the blue helmet :)