Monday, June 29, 2020

Inquisitor Lord Hector Rex - 40k Forge World

My June Inquisition entry is Hector Rex and his retinue, produced by Forge World. I enjoyed painting the acolytes more than the Inquisitor himself.

I painted the icon bearer in blues, to suggest that he was formerly of the Order of the Ossuary. The Sword bearer is black to match his master, and the third guy seemed like an astropath, so he received the traditional green robe and white staff.

The building in the background is an Arbitratorum from Kromlech. Kromlech was running a discount package deal with free shipping on some of their hive city terrain so I picked it up to go with my non-ruined Imperial sector stuff. I'll be showing that group of terrain in a future post.


  1. Lovely figures as always. I personally have a soft spot for Astropaths, especially the pathetic ones like this guy! I'm sure he's holding his head because his brain hurts!

    The building looks spectacular - I can't believe it's one of the Kromlech mdf kits!

    1. Thanks, I can easily recall your sweet Astropath project :)

      It can take some work to jazz up MDF, I generally don't like it anymore but these kits are pretty cool. Time consuming to build but I think they will be useful.

    2. I do need to get back round to the astropaths - there are a few needing some love!

  2. Yes, the minions of the lord do seem to be more interesting than their employer. The building caught me eye right away. I really dig the iconography on the front door.