Saturday, February 14, 2015

Genestealer Cult

My goal of clearing out lingering unfinished projects led me to my 40K Genestealer cult project.

Many years ago I made some custom parts using hybrids and plastic Cadian Imperial Guard. A friend of mine cast them in resin for me, and I used the parts with some Cadian leags and arms. About three years ago I painted them, but for some reason never based them. I wasn't sold on the main color I picked for the tunic I suppose. About a week ago I decided to switch the tunic to dark blue, and finished the bases.

When I started the cult I'd made some 'Cult Limousines' (no self respecting Patriarch or Magus would do without) from some plastic toy cars. I lowered the chassis a bit and made new low profile wheels using Pinewood Derby rims and PVC pipe.

The armored cars with turrets are also kids toys, with GW parts from one of the superheavy IG tanks. The only real work on them was imbedding a hexagon plate into the roof so that the turrets appear more integrated, and magnetizing the turret so it could be removed or rotated.

The Patriarch and Genestealer Purestrains are based to match my Space Hulk layout, but they will do double duty in the cult lineup. 

I have another squad of hybrid head Brood Brothers and a bunch of metal Genestealer Hybrids waiting in the wings. Someday!


I've received some more questions about the cars. They are originally super hero 'pull cars'- cheap plastic cars that you pull back and let go. They had Iron Man or Hulk stickers. I bought a bunch of them, but it was about four years ago and they tend to go for about $5-10 on eBay now.


  1. They look awesome! Great work :)

    I would love to see more photos of your 40K stuff (I seem to remember glimpses on LAF over the years), if you get time of course!



  2. Thanks! I don't have a whole lot of painted 40K stuff- at least nothing relatively new. I plan to rectify that in the next few months though :)

    I did finishing basing some Arco Flagellants that I'll be posting shortly- although they were painted a couple years ago and aren't my best :)

    1. Awesome; I love 40K - as you know now. I seem to remember seeing some Sisters of Battle and Chaos Cultists in an LPL competition a year or 2 ago, and thinking at the time, I wouldn't mind seeing more of those! I might be wrong though....

      Looking forward to whatever you post up! :)


      Thanks for commenting on my blog, too.

    2. That was the xenophile cult, the guys wearing alien masks. I'll take some new pics of them at some point- I have some additional ones on my desk that I'm working on! I'm glad you remembered them- I wish I'd originally done my Brood Brothers that way.

    3. Yes those are the ones; I found them very inspirational and I'd like to do some myself in a similar style soon! Glad to hear you're doing more!



  3. Those are fantastic Dr. M. The vehicles are particularly nice. The odd limo association with the cult is to be embraced I think, but the humvee style take on it is a good one.