Friday, February 6, 2015


Keeping with my goal of getting to all my half finished projects- particularly the primed figures that have been in the queue for months or years- I have added four more Smoggers to my little band. These guys were primed almost two years ago for my LPL stage set entry, but there wasn't space or time to fit them in.

I like these guys a lot despite the soft quality of the sculpting. I have about ten more unprimed figures, along with a mortar and some pack animals. Perhaps another two years and I'll get to them :)

The figures are currently available from Black Cat Bases, but they've had very sketchy service for about two years now, so ordering from them comes with a huge caveat emptor.


  1. I ordered some about 2 weeks ago (despite your reservations then!) and have tried contacting them but am getting radio silence... shame I was really keen to get some of these and will now have to cancel the order. :( In any case these pics just make me want them more! Great painting!

  2. Some people appear to use the PayPal dispute process to good effect, after waiting a couple weeks.

    I can't understand the email silence, if a person is running a web-based storefront they need to have reliable internet.

    Here's a thread that has some more information:

    There's a lot of things I'd like to order from them, so I'm rooting for you :)