Wednesday, February 4, 2015


As a flighty individual I often find myself faced with figures that I primed months (or even years) ago, which lounge forlornly about my painting desk. I have made a significant dent on the malingers over the last week.

First up is a variety of animals. Quite a few are from Mega Miniatures, which sold off their molds to a variety of different companies. Unfortunately I don't know where most of them ended up.

Goats, produced by Mega Miniatures. The boys are from the Foundry Africa range and were painted a couple of years ago. 

 Chickens. The majority are from Architects of War, two are from Mega Miniatures- I believe they were sculpted by Bob Olley. His figures always seem to have an air of barely subdued malevolence and these chickens are no different.

Chickens and a Fox

 Foxes- the running fox is from Mega Miniatures, the other more cautious fellow is from the Architects of War chickens pack.

Skunk from Mega Miniatures. I had a second, which went missing sometime after sealing him and bringing him home to photograph. I assume he's gone for good.

 Raccoon, also from Mega Miniatures if I recall correctly.

 Cobra, unknown manufacturer. The two bundles are from Mega Miniatures.

Four items from a western accessories pack from TinMan Miniatures. The anvil and skull are very nice little items. The skull allowed me to put this picture in with this 'animals' post :)

Tin Man Miniatures

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