Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hydra Miniatures Valkeeri Controllers

My first completed figures for 2015 are ready for presentation.

Matt Beauchamp of Hydra Miniatures sent me some Valkeeri Controllers and Stygian Panthers as soon as they were released. They are part of the 28mm  'Retro Raygun' range and the Valkeeri are some of my all-time favorite sculpts from any manufacturer. The Valkeeri are quite lovely as far as space dominatrices go, and they are also amazingly crisp sculpts and a pleasure to paint. John Winters has really done a fantastic job sculpting them.

The panthers were sculpted by eBob and are nicely threatening non-terrestrial beasts, their most otherworldly features consisting of four eyes and a plethora of spiny protrusions. I plan to use these critters as beasts in Dark Eldar arena, as well as for the Retro Raygun rules when they arrive on the market.

Pictures of the Valkeeri I painted in 2013 and 2014 for the Lead Adventure Forum 'Lead Painter's League':

Here's a link to the Hydra webstore:

Thanks for looking!

Dr. Mathias


  1. That film set shot is one of my favourites of yours that I have seen, really fantastic. The panthers have a great "Earth canine wearing prosthetics" look, something that I really enjoy in Star Trek/Flash Gordon types of pulp sci-fi.


  2. Thanks! I agree with you on the panthers, they fit the genre really well.

  3. Really amazing work! It's a very distinctive style - such smooth colours yet such nice definition. Can't wait to see more!

  4. Lovely stuff, and very inventive. Can you tell us where you got the small 'mole men' models?

  5. Thank you :) The figure range is called 'Smoggers', and they're produced by Moonfleet miniatures. The problem- as far as I know the only place to get them now is though a company called 'Black Cat Bases' and they're extremely unreliable and often don't send people their orders. It's unfortunate because they carry some unique figures I'd like to acquire.

  6. Thanks, have put an order in so will report back...