Friday, January 23, 2015

Wargames Factory Woodland Indians

About three weeks ago Wargames Factory sent me two boxes of their most recent kit, the Woodland Indians, which is the fourth set their War of American Independence range. I finished them up on Sunday and took some photographs before mailing them off to WGF. 

It's an interesting kit with well defined details, which makes them easier to paint. I was surprised that there weren't a few more firing poses, European style shirts for a few figures, and a pose drawing a bow. These are minor complaints though and I think we will see some really neat conversions and interpretations of this set. I'm planning to merge a figure or three with the Miltia, and maybe a couple post-apocalyptic savages using the Survivors sets.

The cabin is a resin building from Architects of War.

Woodland Indians:
Wargames Factory Woodland Indians

Architects of War Log Cabin

Thanks for looking :)

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