Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Valkeeri Hell's Belle

I was a backer of the long-delayed Relic Knights Kickstarter, and I picked the Cerci Speed Circuit faction to focus on. One of the Cerci units is a group of jetbike riding bad girls called the Hell's Belles. Although they come in squads of one to three figures there are only two sculpts.

To add a little variety I swapped in an extra head provided by the Valkeeri jet sled pack. I think it fits pretty well and the color scheme solidifies her Valkeeri heritage.


  1. Awesome work. Always liked your stuff on LAF and have started to follow this blog for sure! :)

  2. Thanks! I put the majority of my images on LAF but have a few other forums I put random things on as well, this will help me consolidate.

  3. Wooow, I've just discovered your blog, and of course, I will follow it !