Friday, March 13, 2015

African Chapel

The roof for the chapel has been finished. I had some warping problems and had to keep it under some carefully stacked books to maintain the shape. This building is intended for Darkest Africa games and represents the fruits of missionary activity, and a building the slavers will want to burn down...

I still need to make a little crucifix or cross to hang on the wall but this little side project is more or less done. 

I started a mud brick watchtower as well. I intend for it to have a magnetized door, and a thatched roof that slopes on four sides. I figure I'll need about eight more buildings of various types to finish out the "Arab" slaver villages and the mission stations. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

North African Buildings Part 4

Two weeks ago my wife broke an ankle at Roller Derby practice. Naturally this reduced my free time to almost zero, which explains my recent lack of posts.

I have however managed to complete phase two of the North African terrain, as well as the mud walls. The latter took a lot more time than I expected, considering that I intended them to be a side project.

I decided that I wanted doors that could open or be removed, so I imbedded a magnet in the wall and the base, and drilled a hole to accept a nail  in the door.

I used a thick plastic-like cardstock material for the bases. 

After painting the walls with a thin coat of wood filler, I painted them a dark brown gray. 

The bases were painted with another gritty wood filler, then painted brown. I drybrushed them with a mud color, then stained them with a MinWax wood stain. The walls were painted/drybrushed with a layer of Martha Stewart crackle specialty finish ("Sandbar") I bought years ago.

I also started a chapel for the African village. The roof has been very problematic so it isn't finished yet. 

Walls, planters, and the chapel after staining, but before the final whitewash.

Finished walls and planters.

After all the planters were complete I glued in the trees and cycads. These are eBay palms with some airbrushing to give them a more natural color and a little depth. The fountain received some clear resin to mimic water after it was painted and the decorative tile (a printed border) glued in place.

Next up for this project is a market, which will be a few buildings with 'storefronts' and some free standing stalls.