Saturday, February 1, 2020

Adeptus Arbites Wheeled Chimera APCs

While scrolling through Instagram I chanced upon a post that mentioned a 'Chimera Chassis Challenge'. The idea was to complete a vehicle based on the Imperial Guard Chimera during January.

It just so happened that I had three Chimeras that I had started on about five years ago and had never finished. I thought 'Now or never'.

The wheel conversion kits are from Chapterhouse, who have gone out of business as I understand it. They took a bit of work to get to fit properly. I also took a fair bit of time trying to decide on what I wanted the front to look like... if I wanted to go with a dozer blade or ram bar, and if I wanted them to be uniform. I decided on the dozer so I could do a slogan like 'Submit for Judgement' or something like that. I didn't like the way that fit the space so I just went with 'Arbites' :)

I ended up printing off some decals for the dozer blade rather than paint the text three times. I chose an 'Insular' style font that had a pre-gothic medieval vibe. More often than not Arbites are shown with a modern sans-serif typeface and I wanted to underscore that they're deeply ingrained in the Imperium.

I guess I need to paint some Arbites now :)