Thursday, July 20, 2023

Folk Horror Project - Crooked Dice - Strawman and Goat-Kin

 A few more contributions to the Folk Horror endeavor.

The Stawman, a hulking resin figure, fun and easy to paint.

And some Goat-kin. Decided to go for a range of color, sort of parallel to some 40K beastmen I did a couple years back.

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Folk Horror Project - Crooked Dice - Some Are Islanders

Next up in the Folk Horror project is the 'Some Are Islanders' pack from Crooked Dice's Children of the Fields range. 

"What's the matter with you MacGregor, you call that dancing? Cut some capers, man! Use your bladder"

What has Little Lord Winterly found in the woods?

 Finally, a shot of the full pack of four.

Saturday, July 1, 2023

Folk Horror Project - Crooked Dice - Children of the Fields - May Queens - Corn Dolls

I've had a large stash of 'Folk Horror' for about a year, comprised of miniatures from Ainsty, Crooked Dice, Midlam Miniatures/Woodbine, and Meridian/Gardens of Hecate. I've liked the film Wickerman for some time, and when I found out that Crooked Dice had a range loosely based on that genre, I decided to hunt for more.

I decided to make 'Folk Horror' my summer project, and while it is admittedly off to a slow start I have gotten somewhere.

I've been drawing packs at random- first up are some Crooked Dice 'Children of the Fields'.


First draw was the 'May Queens', one of my favorite packs from the range. I decided to paint Lady Winterly at the same time, as well as a girl I had 3D printed, from Tiny Furniture.

The next draw was a pack of 'Corn Dolls', crude animated scarecrows.

Up next, 'Some are Islanders'.