Saturday, July 30, 2016

Professor Witchheimer

The Lead Adventure Forum runs periodic painting clubs that revolve around a variety of themes. Currently running is the 'Back of Beyond' club, and I decided to paint a Lead Adventure Miniatures 'Professor Witchheimer' figure for my first entry.

"Back of Beyond" covers the Russian Civil War and all the other shenanigans going on in East Asia during the 1920s. The period saw an explosion in popularity when Mark Copplestone released his range after being inspired by the book "Setting the East Ablaze" by Peter Hopkirk. It's a very good book.

Lead Adventure Miniatures

Setting the East Ablaze

Friday, July 29, 2016

Darkest Africa Azande

A couple of years ago Lead Adventure Forum member HerbyF started an "Army Painters" club in which forum members set themselves a task to finish up or make significant progress on an army. In the past I took advantage of this self administered goal and finished off my Darkest Africa Force Publique and British Askaris. Basically, the idea is to complete a unit per month from July through December.

This year I moved on to the next army in my extensive Africa queue, Foundry's Azande range. They're a pretty interesting tribe located in the Congo, and are suitable enemies (and allies at times) for Zanzibar slavers, Force Publique, Congo basin tribes- and each other.

I already had a unit of spearmen painted, so I selected another troop type for my first group- the Azande riflemen. These figures represent Azande that have come into contact with 'Arab' and Western soldiers and have a rudimentary uniform. They'll work well for other random soldiers as they have an Egyptian style look to them that appears to be popular with tribes that wanted to look more civilized.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Assassinorum Execution Force

I recently completed the figures from the Assassinorum: Execution Force game. They are highly detailed and took quite a while to finish- I think I had them built about a year ago when it first came out, but the painting was a lengthy process.

First up was the cultists. I spent some time individualizing them all with head and weapon swaps. I used a few post-apocalyptic gas mask heads from Lead Adventure Miniatures as well.

The Chaos Marines are the downers of the set, they are the old push fit figures and I almost didn't do them, but I figured I may as well paint the set.

I really enjoyed painting the sorcerer, Severin Drask.

The Assassins are all cool models, except for the integral scenery which I elected to remove. I've never been a fan of moving a model around and having some random column or architecture coming along with them, in the middle of a corridor. I had to do some creative re-positioning on the Eversor and Callidus as they were in action poses interacting with the scenery. I decided to unify them all by painting their masks in a 'bone' color.

Last but not least, I painted a water cooler that I believe was from Hasslefree. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Astropath Talisman Timescape 40K

In 1988 Games Workshop released some miniatures for the Talisman Timescape expansion. By today's standards they are pretty crude, but I still wanted to get a few of them to add to my Rogue Trader civilians collection.

Most recently painted was this Astropath.

... how about the size of those hands?

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hydra Miniatures Alpha Panther and Xenithians

I put the final spray seal on Hydra Miniature's latest releases from their 'Retro Raygun', and also squeezed in some time to get them photographed.

The Alpha Stygian Panther is Empress Xenovia's favored pet.

 I don't know much about the Zenithians, other than they're some sort of creepy space alien clones.

I really enjoy painting figures from Hydra- they're fun and have crisp detail. Flash Gordon style space settings have never been my primary interest as far as sci-fi goes, but these guys make me want to look into it more.

Hydra Miniatures Store

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

40K Xenophile

A couple years ago I had an entry in the Lead Painter's League that featured a few Xeno-loving humans battling some Sisters of Battle.

One had a Tau mask, and I intended on replacing his laspistol with a Tau pistol (after I discovered the Pathfinders box had one) to show that he'd worked his hardest to acquire an artifact from the culture he admires so much. As is often the case, he sat on my desk for many months awaiting paint.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Chaos Mutant

I always enjoyed reading the Rogue Trader era Realm of Chaos books (and still do from time to time) and I had an idea for a 40K chaos mutant based on an old pre-slotta Citadel giant leech I acquired.

The head is from a Bretonnian set and the arms are sculpted from greenstuff.  I just love the chubby cheeks, and the tonsure adds a blasphemous quality befitting a servant of the Ruinous Powers. I didn't roll stats up for this guy, but I imagine he's a follower of Slaanesh and has some formidable psyker abilities to make up for his pitiful appendages.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Servants of Ra - Main Characters

At long last the main characters of the Servants of Ra (the Egyptian faction from the game 'In Her Majesty's Name') have arrived.

I'm not quite sure why it took so long for me to finish these last few figures. I started out with the relatively boring robed figures with the idea that it would keep me interested in completing the group- once those were done I let the leaders sit for several months...

The leader of the Servants of Ra is none other than the resurrected pharaoh Akhenaten. I stuck with the 'official' paint scheme, I liked it quite a bit. I may touch up the inlaid colors on the weapon, they look a little rough.

The second in command is the Egyptophile Professor Abir, making an appearance here with his daughter Sairah, the group's premiere assassin.

The remaining figure from the Ra faction is a mummy priest. I didn't really like this figure, but by the time he was painted up I changed my mind.

I hope to get a photograph of the whole faction shortly. I ended up with way more figures than I could possible use in a game of IHMN, but I tend to overdo things when it comes to miniature games...