Thursday, July 28, 2016

Assassinorum Execution Force

I recently completed the figures from the Assassinorum: Execution Force game. They are highly detailed and took quite a while to finish- I think I had them built about a year ago when it first came out, but the painting was a lengthy process.

First up was the cultists. I spent some time individualizing them all with head and weapon swaps. I used a few post-apocalyptic gas mask heads from Lead Adventure Miniatures as well.

The Chaos Marines are the downers of the set, they are the old push fit figures and I almost didn't do them, but I figured I may as well paint the set.

I really enjoyed painting the sorcerer, Severin Drask.

The Assassins are all cool models, except for the integral scenery which I elected to remove. I've never been a fan of moving a model around and having some random column or architecture coming along with them, in the middle of a corridor. I had to do some creative re-positioning on the Eversor and Callidus as they were in action poses interacting with the scenery. I decided to unify them all by painting their masks in a 'bone' color.

Last but not least, I painted a water cooler that I believe was from Hasslefree. 


  1. Fantastic stuff! Love the colour scheme used on the cultists and the Chaos marines actually look really good.

  2. Ooh, lots to like there. The cultist colour scheme is really interesting. Love the work on the assassins too: those masks really make them. And the water cooler is the perfect addition!

  3. Love what you have done with these, especially the skull mask on the Callidus; I would not have thought of that but she looks really good!