Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Space Santa's Sleigh

When the 'Galactic Heroes' Kickstarter pledge I backed earlier in the year showed up, it included a sci-fi skimmer along with the rules. I couldn't let the season pass by without painting it up for my old Citadel Space Santa (he was painted about a year ago).

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Deadcember - Undead Animals - Ranger OSL

The miniatures community has a lot of events going on through the year, such as  'Orctober' and 'Deadcember'. I often don't realize these things are happening until its too late and people start posting their results on social media. I figured I'd miss Deadcember again but it turns out I did some zombie animals last week :)

I put them into a scene with a recently completed ranger from Reaper. I experimented with OSL (Object Source Lighting) since he was holding a torch. I'll be going back in the shadow areas with some dark blues and greys.

 Zombie cow and sheep from Bear's Head Miniatures.



Sunday, December 15, 2019

Deer Woman - Lead Adventure League - Round 10

This was my final entry for round 10 of the LPL, "Deer Woman". 

The Deer Woman is a supernatural being found in the stories of several Native American groups. I'd have preferred a 'more clothed' version but this is the only one on the 28mm market (that I know of anyway). The company that makes her is Paymaster Games. Their miniatures are high quality, and pretty obscure subjects no one else makes.

The Iroquis warriors are from Perry Miniatures.

Another LPL down the tubes, nabbed overall second place this year.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Warriors of Doom - Lead Adventure League - Round 9

Here's my round 9 entry for the LPL, "Warriors of Doom".

The warriors these miniatures represent are likely recognizable to fans of a certain sword-and-sorcery barbarian film (which may be my all time favorite movie). These are available from Forge of Doom.

I don't really have a project in mind for these, but I can see them showing up in games of Rangers of Shadow Deep.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Saint Celestine - Lead Adventure League - Round 8

This is my Lead Adventure League round 8 entry, "Saint Celestine".

This entry includes the 'classic' metal version of the Celestine character, which took me about nine years to get around to painting for some reason. I really enjoyed painting her.

Near her is a converted miniature from the Cobalt game- he has a headswap and backpack from MaxMini, a chainsword from Kromlech, a GW bolt pistol, plus a little greenstuff. He's my take on Witchhunter Arnaut Tantalid from the Eisenhorn books.

In addition to those two are a Repentia Mistress (one of my all-time least favorite miniatures), and a couple more Repentia which finish up the unit.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Gnoll Hunters - Lead Adventure League - Round 7

This was my entry for the 7th round of the Lead Adventure League, "Gnoll Hunters". 

The gnolls are plastics from the Frostgrave range, the ranger in the shadows is 'Schumacher' made by Reaper Miniatures.