Sunday, December 8, 2019

Saint Celestine - Lead Adventure League - Round 8

This is my Lead Adventure League round 8 entry, "Saint Celestine".

This entry includes the 'classic' metal version of the Celestine character, which took me about nine years to get around to painting for some reason. I really enjoyed painting her.

Near her is a converted miniature from the Cobalt game- he has a headswap and backpack from MaxMini, a chainsword from Kromlech, a GW bolt pistol, plus a little greenstuff. He's my take on Witchhunter Arnaut Tantalid from the Eisenhorn books.

In addition to those two are a Repentia Mistress (one of my all-time least favorite miniatures), and a couple more Repentia which finish up the unit.


  1. I'm especially impressed with your take on the Saint and I love the way you did the robes.
    Your inquisitor is a fantastic character too, excellent conversion.

  2. that looks great. the bleeding eye statue is a nice touch!

    1. Thanks :) I have one on all the Sister Superiors bases- most are 'rusty' tears, Celestine's is brighter blood.