Thursday, June 30, 2022

Blood on the Sands - Gladiators

Several years ago I did some illustration work for a gladiator game that was in development. Despite being a great game, Blood on the Sands sat in limbo until a couple of months ago when the developer unveiled a revised draft. The new rules heavily lean toward a short campaign, requiring six gladiator types. I only had four painted, so I cracked open the storage and pulled out enough for two of each type, for my friend and I. I primed them up and they have sat a couple weeks, with only a base skin tone layer.

Today I painted my ass off almost all day and knocked out the group. I'll have some detail pics up later, hopefully with some battle reports.  

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Karloth Valois, Necromunda Psi-Vampire

One of the Facebook groups I am in runs an occasional challenge for painting a specific sculptor's miniature. For June, the 'Oldhammer' group had a 'Justice for Gary' challenge. It seems Gary Morley (a sculptor for GW back in the day) had recieved some flak for listing some rare things for sale, and some responders didn't equate the name with the sculptor and called him out on some stuff. Add into that mix the opinions on the old Nagash sculpt... hence the 'Justice for Gary'.

Anyway, I picked Karloth Valois for my entry, as I had the mini in my stash and just did some other 40k vampires so I might as well carry the theme. I think I may have painted this guy in the 90s- if I did, I sold him off many years ago. 

This was a fun miniature to paint. I chose a tertiary triad scheme to up the weirdness (blue-violet, red-orange, yellow green). Might have to figure out a way to have him up against the other space vamps :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Inquisitor Erasmus Cartavolnus

I am nearing completion of my long term quest to paint all of the 28mm Inquisitors that GW has produced from Rogue Trader until now. I am pleased to report that I finally tracked down the last one I needed, and as far as I know it is en route.

In the meantime, here is GW's most recent Inquisition release, Erasmus Cartavolnus. He is a store anniversary model. 


Just for kicks I took a photo using my UV flashlight.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

40K Strategium and Oldhammer Servitors

This strategium holo projector is a model I found on Thingiverse quite a long time ago, right when I first got interested in 3D printing. I also found a modded version, and I ended up tweaking both of them to make mine. 

This was a project that took way too much time, and certainly more money than was necessary. I wanted to try a light effect which required transparent resin, and ended up tweaking almost all the parts in Meshmixer and Tinkercad. I printed the hive city three times to get the scale right. The light source is a LED tea light- I replaced the LED with an ultra-bright one I happened to have in my stash.

The shields display the sigils of three forge worlds- Ryza, Stygies, and Mars. The idea I had is that strategium projectors are rare devices requiring specialized components from multiple forge worlds, none of which want to share their proprietary recipes. One icon is a decal, the others are freehand. There are probably twenty other decals on this thing :)

I'm also plugging away on my servitor project, the latest being these old-school sculpts from the late Rogue Trader era.

Here are the source files:




Monday, June 20, 2022

40K Space Vampires

I had a metal Cobalt-1 miniature primed up along with another batch, with no real purpose in mind. He looked like a half-Eldar rogue trader type, and as I was painting him I thought he might make a good 40K Vampire from the old Rogue Trader book. I held off finishing his clothes as the project grew in scope and I had the idea to make a pair of vampires and their natural forms.  


At that point I decided to start looking for a good feral vampire for the 'bat' form, and after some research I settled on some 3d printable STLs from the Masons Miniatures "Werebats vs. Werewolves" Kickstarter. After a short wait I got my hands on those and printed a couple off. I had also decided on watching the old Buck Rogers TV show from the early 80s to do some research, since they had a Space Vampire episode. I was reminded about my early crush on Erin Gray :) I watched the entire first season, funny how things I had forgotten all about came flooding back.

It took a few weeks to get anywhere on the project, and it got a little more complicated when I got the notion to work my #servoskullsaturday project into this one. I found a vampire bat skull STL online and printed two off. I used some greenstuff and styrene to '40K' them a bit. 

It was coming down to a deadline so I needed to commit to a figure for the female vampire. After printing a few contenders, I ended up using a Fenryll courtesan I had in the stash. I added a little reliquary and a skull to her.

In the end I opted to paint them with their hair color in mind, I like the contrast of the pair. The pale male reminds a bit of Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter. Hope to have them causing some trouble on the tabletop soon!

Friday, June 3, 2022

Inquisition Acolytes - Metal Daemonhunter and Witchhunter Ranges 2003 - Navigators

I finally manged to paint the metal Inquisition gun servitors. This completes the last of the metal acolytes from the early-to-mid 2000s Daemonhunters and Witch Hunters ranges. This is one of my all time favorite GW lines, certainly my favorite range from the 'Middlehammer' era.


I also recently painted a miniature designed by Heresy Labs. It is a 3d print that I picked up on eBay or Etsy, probably before I bought my resin printer. I painted him in the purples I use for Navigators. He's next to road shrine by Tesseract Tomb, which I printed on my Ender3. I added a few things to it- the statue bust on top was found on Scan the World and printed on my Mars2pro.

Lastly, a navigator from Kromlech that I think I forgot to post.