Thursday, June 23, 2022

40K Strategium and Oldhammer Servitors

This strategium holo projector is a model I found on Thingiverse quite a long time ago, right when I first got interested in 3D printing. I also found a modded version, and I ended up tweaking both of them to make mine. 

This was a project that took way too much time, and certainly more money than was necessary. I wanted to try a light effect which required transparent resin, and ended up tweaking almost all the parts in Meshmixer and Tinkercad. I printed the hive city three times to get the scale right. The light source is a LED tea light- I replaced the LED with an ultra-bright one I happened to have in my stash.

The shields display the sigils of three forge worlds- Ryza, Stygies, and Mars. The idea I had is that strategium projectors are rare devices requiring specialized components from multiple forge worlds, none of which want to share their proprietary recipes. One icon is a decal, the others are freehand. There are probably twenty other decals on this thing :)

I'm also plugging away on my servitor project, the latest being these old-school sculpts from the late Rogue Trader era.

Here are the source files:





  1. That thing is amazing! So many great details. Love the clear resin with the tea light. A lot of trouble but seems worth the effort!

  2. That looks fantastic! Will you be putting the tweaked version up on Thingiverse?

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I could drop the files on there as a 'remix'.

  3. That's quite an inspiring piece! I love the overall looking and how in place it looks with the Servitors and stuff. Wonderful work.

  4. It looks absolutely amazing! Pure masterpiece!