Monday, February 8, 2021

Leet Herder

I have quite a few miniatures (dozens, actually) that I vow to get to every year. I have a box full that are nominally on a 'short list' but they get skipped over every year. Here is one such group.

Alien and skinhound, from the Blind Beggar "Outlanders Phase II" Kickstarter.

Herder and cyber-hound from the Blind Beggar "Outlanders Phase II" Kickstarter, along with a herd of 'Leets' from Matakishi's Tea House. These critters are from the Anarchy Online game (I haven't played it, but I liked the look of these things). The herder has comically big boots, and I decided to come up with a reason why.

A trademark of the leet herders of Providentia Nova is a pneumatic shell cracker and heavy boots.

During a Dark Eldar raid decades ago, allied Harlequins thought it would be amusing to seed the planet with invasive lifeforms. One of the more successful organisms was the hard shelled burrowing ‘foot crab’, which quickly became a threat to the herders and their way of life.

The foot crabs are resin, from Krakon Games.