Monday, May 23, 2022

Tau Kill Team - Pilot - TB-8 - Robot Samurai

When "May the 4th" rolled around I realized I had an amusing Tau version of BB-8 printed out, but I didn't get him painted up in time. Now that I had a little more free time I knocked out the droid, an air caste pilot, and a robot samurai.

These are all 3D printed on my Mars2Pro. Robot Samurai is 'Kanbei' from RNEstudio, TB8 is on Cults3D. He needed a little work on the little gun arm, it was way too delicate (and it still is!). Tall pilot was found on CGTrader.

Friday, May 20, 2022

Space Hulk Chapel - Build Something Contest 2022

Every year I look forward to the competitions run on the Lead Adventure Forum. This year the theme of the 'Build Something Contest' was 'Rest', and the terrain build had to relate to the theme. I'd been wanting to return to a Space Hulk tile again, and the theme fit with the chapel I'd been wanting to build for long while anyway. I have had a pile of Armorcast church pews for years!


I started off by consulting the book to get the room size correct. I'd later have to make another thin wall piece, as the extended chapel I made would not fit the layout in the scenarios. The base is 'Gatorfoam', a tougher version of foamcore that I like to use for terrain. Other pieces are Hirst Arts casts.

The removable relic case set into the floor is a custom piece I designed a couple years ago. I had it printed at Shapeways, and then I made a silicone mold. That was, of course, before 3D printers became viable to the average consumer! I imagine the skulls to be the craniums of past captains.


 I wanted to paint another altarpiece for this, and found an example I liked a lot online. I used Adobe Illustrator to trace the image, which I exported into Tinkercad so that I could make a 3D file.


I printed the resulting STL file on my Mars2Pro. I thought it came out great at the time, but I was still playing with settings and it does have some stepping that shows up worse later, despite attempts to fill the lines with paint.


The altarpiece was entirely freehand, with a fairly traditional monochrome layer first. 

An exploded view of all the parts. The last thing I did was make some candle scatter pieces, both alight and extinguished.

Simple room:

Chapel wall:

Extended room with raised platform:

Altar and tile that allows for a hidden compartment:

The final Imperial Navy Altarpiece:

All in all another successful build (made it to semifinals) and another piece for the now pretty big Hulk I have going. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Skulz Adeptus Mechanicus Set - Unreleased Servitors

I acquired the set of Adeptus Mechanicus from the 'Skulz' program many years ago, shortly after they were released, around the year 2K. I had done some painting for a GW Outrider, and in exchange for that he was able to acquire a set at one of the GW conventions. I guess Outriders could buy metal minis by weight at the time :)

I painted the Artisan many years ago as part of an LPL entry. Sadly, I picked a non-metallic-metal scheme and I wasn't so great at it then. The problem was trying to match that cartoony NMM for the rest of the set, years later!

I took the opportunity to finish up the two 'unreleased' servitors I acquired from eBay as well. Luckily I bought these several years ago, right before the Oldhammer era stuff started getting crazy expensive.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Genestealer Servo Skull

Up for this month's "Servo Skull Saturday" is a chunky metal servo skull I acquired in a Facebook Genestealer fan group several years ago. He's a big one... assuming from a patriarch.

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Tau Xenos Kill Team

 I realized I haven't done a group shot of the "Alien Legion" style Tau force, as it now stands.

Wargames Atlantic parts.

3D print "Goodest Boy", Wargames Exclusive, Hydra Miniatures Worm Man with conversion work.

Hasslefree, with a little conversion (new gun) on the Scooby guy.

Straight GW.

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Greater Goodest Boy

There's a funny little 3D printed 'Guard Pug' that has been going around the internet for a while. A friend wanted me to print one, and I ended up making a chihuahua version for him too.

I wanted to work on my 3D sculpting a bit, using Meshmixer,  and knocked out a 'Greater Goodest Boy' for my oddball Tau kill team. 

Here's the link the file on Thingiverse:

Greater Goodest Boy