Sunday, February 26, 2023

Medieval Beekeepers - Apiary - Infinite Dimensions - Midlam Miniatures

When I saw the very cool medieval style beekeepers that Midlam Miniatures produced, I had to have them despite having no idea what to use them for. I also saw a great apiary designed by Infinite Dimensions, so I acquired that and printed it on my Ender3Pro. This was all well over a year ago :)

I recently designed some things myself- some beekeeper hoods, so I thought I'd better paint up all of the relevant models.


Monday, February 6, 2023

40k - Forge World Relic Monger - Relic Dealers Group

When I saw the Forge World Relic Monger 'Hanger On' character was released, I knew I had to have one for my Imperial City, especially considering I'd already converted and  painted two relic dealers. He's definitely one of my favorite recent 40k figures.

The casting was nice and crisp, with little to no mold lines. Forge World's resin and quality is much better than it was several years ago. All in all, a very fun miniature to paint and he fits right in with my weirdo Imperial Sector characters.

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Turnip28 Forlorn Hope and Dr. Mathias Beekeeper Hoods

The strange and wonderful 'Turnip28' creator conducted a Kickstarter recently for some digital files of soldiers specifically for the game. Naturally, I backed it, and have printed a few off. I have also been working on my own designs and used some of the Beekeeper hoods I created and printed.

Dr Mathias Cults3D Designs