Thursday, March 10, 2022

Jalara, Assassin - Marduk

I enjoy coming across random challenges and contests on Instagram. They often prompt me to paint a mini that has been sitting around for years. This time it was the "Fabulous February Females" challenge.

I have dozens of cool female miniatures in the queue, so it was hard to pick. I settled on 'Jalara' from Tin Man Miniatures. She is from their Barsoom style setting... which usually implies scant clothing. Not sure if she is a proxy for a character from the John Carter series.

I also recently painted up the latest miniature from Hydra, the leader of the Imperial Faction... Marduk.

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Jokaero 40K Xenos Acolyte

I painted up a Jokaero for the 'Inq28th' in February. I was pretty thrilled when GW released this guy many years ago... little did we know he would herald a bunch of Rogue Trader era stuff coming back into modern 40k. Also, I was never willing to spend a bunch of money on the old version!

Almost done painting all of the metal 2000s Inquistion acolytes and followers now. Just a bunch of gun servitors and the metal Stormtroopers!