Sunday, February 27, 2022

Palansi Half Breed - Cobalt-1

Cobalt-1 is one of my favorite ranges. They're hard to get a hold of these days, which is a pity as they have a wacky Rogue Trader vibe. I'm going to try to work one or two in every time I prime something, so that I get the ones I have painted up.

Here's a 'Palansi Half Breed'... the Cobalt-1 rulebook doesn't really say anything about him. 

Rogue Trader - Reaper Chronoscope - Xenos Servo Skulls

I acquired a Reaper 'Chronoscope' Time Chaser a few years ago... the plan was to use her as a Rogue Trader. This was before GW released their three plastic ones :)

As is often the case, the mini sat in the lead pile for years until the right time came along, which was a 'Fabulous February Females' painting competition on Instagram. I forgot to take a WIP shot of her, so I ended up painting another mini for that comp.

I had come across a bunch of  Photoshopped images by artist Steve Payne a few years back, which seemed to have a 40k vibe to them. He was taking paintings of Russian generals and shopping in an actor's face. I added a Sigourney Weaver of my own :)

I glued the prints to some magnetic sheets and added some frames I printed off on my Mars2.

I also try to make a new servo skull each month for #servoskullsaturday, a little initiative I started which challenges me to post a servo skull every second Saturday.

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Imperial Noble - Artel W

 I acquired a 'Judge' miniature from Artel W Miniatures a few months ago. He was primed and ready to go at the end of 2021 but I didn't want to rush painting him as he's pretty detailed. 

I imagined him as a doddering and potentially inebriated Imperial Noble, using his lineage to curry favor and spread his family's influence. I used some decal from Forgotten Chapters, along with some freehand.

I based his color scheme, and the scroll he is holding, on the Earl of Squanderfield in "The Marriage Settlement" by William Hogarth. He's using his family tree to seal a marriage contract involving his rakish son, so that he can get the money to finish his grand mansion in the background.