Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Doctor Who Miniatures - 3rd Doctor, Jo Grant, Cailleach, Pteradactyl

I'm still working on painting and photographing my "Primed in 2023" backlog. Here's a few Doctor Who miniatures from Black Tree and Crooked Dice.

Thursday, December 28, 2023

Ashes of Faith - Inquisition Kill Team

I was excited and slightly dismayed to see that Games Workshop released an Inquisition Kill Team in the Ashes of Faith box set in May 2023. Excited because I love the Inquisition range- I've been a major fan since the 90s with the Slaves to Darkness rulebook.

I was also dismayed, because I've been slogging along collecting and painting all the 28mm Inquisition models that have been released... and I'd just finished all of the henchmen and Inquisitors right before new release- a two and a half year project.

I was lucky to snag two copies of the box set so that I could complete all of the variants. As with many GW kits these days, a base model can be used to make two or more variants... in one particular annoying case, the only variant for the auto-savant was a barely visible face swap.

Anyway, after chipping away on them since May, here's the full set of Inquisition from the Ashes of Faith box set. 





Gun Servitor - Three Weapon Variants


Hive World Pistolier

Penal Legionnaire

Death World Veteran 



Friday, December 22, 2023

Atomic Angels - Robot - RoboDog - Jane Hunter - Hydra Miniatures

I neglected to post several miniatures I painted for Hydra several months ago, here's a post to make up for that.

Atomic Angels

Jane Hunter and Robo-Dog

And a retro robot about to be ambushed by the Aquaclops...



The Festival of Saint Christphorus - Compiled PDF

Last year I posted a slightly insane "Twelve Days of Christophorus" narrative focusing on the "Gretch" tradition of Ophatran Secundus.

A frequent request was to compile it together into a PDF, which I managed to do. I posted it up on DriveThruRPG as a free download.

Lots of photographs of Imperial citizenry and how I imagine a functioning out-of-the-way Imperial planet might be, without a looming invasion at all times.

PDF available here:

Daemonic Servo-Skulls

Continuing along with the monthly servo-skull challenge for "ServoskullSaturday", I now have three servos based on daemon and beastman skulls from the GW Skulls kit.

Trying to decide how to tackle the last, Slaanesh.

Saturday, December 9, 2023

Neptonians - Khurasan Miniatures Retro Space Aliens

I recently completed a series of miniatures for Khurasan, who collaborated with Hydra Miniatures on a range of space aliens called the "Neptonians". They are intended to be part of the Hydra Miniatures Retroverse and should have rules for the Retro Raygun game by Hydra.

Anyway, here they are!

Neptonian Raiders




Mighty Strugloc

Strugloc and Aquaclops face off...

Mortar Team

Butcher vs. a Valkeeri Mind Slave

 Comparison pic with Hydra miniatures

 Comparison pic with Hasslefree, Colony 87, and Reaper

Available from Khurasan