Saturday, April 10, 2021

Matthias Laetorius

I decided to make a miniature to go along with an idea I've been developing for a while, a sort of self portrait in the guise of an Imperial chronicler traveling on behest of a Necromundan noble. I've written a couple of short fluff pieces to go with some miniature builds, essentially excerpts from a fictitious book.

I started with a metal Reaper miniature as a base, and swapped in a head from Mad Robot. I shortened the legs a little by removing the boots and taking out the knees. This mini was quite large (I'm about 5'7"). I also added a reliquary.

I felt like he needed some companions so I made a couple of servo-skulls.

 He will probably be showing up in the background a lot :)

Colony 87 Workers and Servo-Skulls

A couple of Colony 87 workers along with some Forge World servo-skulls that I painted up for last month's #servoskullsaturday.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor

Chipping along on my Inquisition project. This month's entry is an Ordo Hereticus with the classic GW Witch Hunter look from 2003.

This guy was fun to paint, he's one of my favorites from the "middlehammer" era.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Oldhammer Inquisitor and Assassin - Generators

My Inquisitor for February is an oldie from the Rogue Trader "Forces of the Imperium" range. He was listed in adverts as an Inquisitor, but his base tab reads "Rogue", so I'm guessing he was originally intended to be a rogue trader. Andy Hoare said on my Instagram post this was the legendary Joff Zuckermann- which I had never considered, but there are some resemblances now that I think about it. I also added an Imperial Assassin.

Along for the entry are two weird generators, one from Armorcast and an other from a Strange Aeons Kickstarter.

The last one was cast in translucent purple, which I tried to preserve for luminosity.

Monday, February 8, 2021

Leet Herder

I have quite a few miniatures (dozens, actually) that I vow to get to every year. I have a box full that are nominally on a 'short list' but they get skipped over every year. Here is one such group.

Alien and skinhound, from the Blind Beggar "Outlanders Phase II" Kickstarter.

Herder and cyber-hound from the Blind Beggar "Outlanders Phase II" Kickstarter, along with a herd of 'Leets' from Matakishi's Tea House. These critters are from the Anarchy Online game (I haven't played it, but I liked the look of these things). The herder has comically big boots, and I decided to come up with a reason why.

A trademark of the leet herders of Providentia Nova is a pneumatic shell cracker and heavy boots.

During a Dark Eldar raid decades ago, allied Harlequins thought it would be amusing to seed the planet with invasive lifeforms. One of the more successful organisms was the hard shelled burrowing ‘foot crab’, which quickly became a threat to the herders and their way of life.

The foot crabs are resin, from Krakon Games.

Monday, January 4, 2021

Chapel of the Emperor's Image - 40K Kitbash - Pilgrim

When I was in the local thrift store a few weeks ago I chanced on a cheap Christmas decoration in the form of a plastic light up church. It had a single mid-sized bulb that illuminated the interior through some front doors that were slightly ajar, and some hideously colored windows.

I thought I took a WIP or preliminary photo but I don't seem to have one. Getting it ready for 'grimdarking' took a little work. I had to remove the doors (breaking them in the process, no idea what kind of glue they used), I attempted to pry off the acetate windows, and I had to block up a large gap in the back where the cord for the light came in. 

I added some 40K bits to the outside, some candles, and a picture to the interior. The Aquila and picture frame are 3D printed. The image of the Emperor I found on the internet- that is a print out. I have not been able to discover who the original artist is [EDIT: looks like the artist is "NeilDY". They had a DeviantArt page at some point, now unavailable]

I also painted up a Reaper 'Bones' crone miniature that seemed like a good down-and-out pilgrim.

I couldn't resist a quick double exposure with a little Photoshop (mainly just selective erasing a very dark image that was on top of correctly exposed one). 

Thursday, December 31, 2020

False Omnissiah - Ironsleet III - Primogenitor Project

Somehow I managed to neglect posting my False Omnissiah build to the blog, which is insane because I spent a lot of time on it. Pretend this was posted in March or April 2020.

I created this for the "Ironsleet Invitational III - The Primogenitor". The setting for this event was a colossal Space Hulk. I imagined a rogue Mechanicus Magos, looking for lost tech to allow him to continue his megalomaniacal pursuit for the throne of Terra.

The base structure is the legs from an Admech Dunecrawler and a shot-off firework I had saved from the 4th, called the "Millenial Falcon"... too funny! The inhabitant is a GW zombie.

This build really started getting wacky once I decided to add an LED light. I ended up designing and printing some custom battery and switch holders.

This was my fluff:

*Behold the Omnissiah!*
In the dark days of the Age of Apostasy, a magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus was charged with techno-heresy and sentenced to interment as a servitor. The process was a failure- the interred magos retained consciousness and a latent psy ability was sparked. He believed he was the true Emperor of Mankind, made manifest as a pysker and the Omnissiah both. After gathering a sizable group of followers with the intention of deposing the false emperor on the Throne on Terra, the would-be "Omnissiah" attracted Imperial attention and was driven into the dark edges of galaxy- where Imperial forces could no longer follow. Driven to desperation, in a state of increasing disrepair, the Omnissiah seeks to plunder or commandeer #theprimogenitor and make a triumphal return to Terra.

Hoping to get this guy some zealous followers this year.