Sunday, August 28, 2022

Daemonifuge - Ephrael Stern and Inquisitor Silas Hand - Black Library Diorama

In honor of this months "Inq28th" I finished painting up the Black Library limited edition Daemonifuge diorama I've had stashed for a couple of years. For some inexplicable reason I'd painted Silas Hand beforehand, several months back, and based him separately. I decided to put him where he belongs, on the diorama base with Ephrael.


The base has a pretty bad mold misalignment, straight through the middle of the text. I filed and rectified as best I could, but I didn't want to butcher the letters so decided to let it be.

Sunday, August 21, 2022

Relic Hunter Mendicants - New Additions

I've been slowly working on some more Black Crab / Meridian Miniatures offerings. Some of the newer ones don't fit the look of the 40K relic hunting beggars I've been working on for the last couple years (they have more of a Mordheim vibe, and I'll be getting to them). I singled out a few that seemed to work in the 40K setting.  The miniature with all the paper prayers is a 'witch' from Wilhlem Miniatures that I added in. She has a new face, courtesy of Statuesque.

Fluff text:

Excerpt from Esoteric Pilgrimage Destinations of the Gothic Sector, Volume 1, by Adept Matthias Laetorius.

"On occasion, in the more scared pilgrimage destinations, one may encounter high ranking adepts that have abandoned their important stations for the life of a pious mendicant. Sanctioned with a special indulgence by the Adeptus Ministorum, taking such a vow releases them from their former positions and allows them to serve the Emperor in new ways. Naturally this causes the Administratum a certain degree of consternation, and it is said that many a bloodline engineered by the Orders Famulous has been unexpectedly disrupted by noble pilgrims abandoning their duties due to sudden bursts of fervor and spiritual visions.”

The group is growing...

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Oldhammer Style Squat Mining Survey Expedition

I've had some squats prepped and ready for priming for a couple of months, and decided I had better get to them. As usual, it takes so long for me to do a thing, GW goes ahead and re-releases the faction. The latest batch is a mix of Black Tree, a Kromlech medic, an old GW squat from the Rogue Trader era, and a new squat on a powerboard from Satyr Art Studio.

They are joining my existing group which is mostly Rogue Trader era miniatures, with two from Astropolis, some dome robots from a Facebook group, a big warbot from Satyr Art Studio, and a pilot from Simtac.

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Turnip28 - Empress's Imperial Coach

I purchased a package of cheap (quality and expense) wedding favors in the form of coaches several years ago, and used most for my dieselpunk Liebhusaren army. I recalled that I had one or two left so I made one into a coach for the Parsnip Empress of Cist. The horses are Wargames Atlantic, obviously turniped up with some greenstuff and some 3D printed legs and fungus.

The coachman set of two (standing and sitting) is from Eureka Miniatures 'Pax Limpopo' range. I replaced his whip in both cases with a brass rod and some string, and gave the standing version a flintlock pistol. The sitting one is magnetized. Most of the junk on the back is Hirst Arts castings, with some greenstuff veggies and a few weapons from a Wargames Factory AWI kit.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Imperial Buildings - Subway, Bridge, Townhouse

I've been working on a variety of buildings (mostly 3d printed with some custom work) to add to the intact Imperial 40k city.

First, a ridiculously large bridge from Warlayer. I've been wanting to get some more height into my layouts and this was over-the-top. It won't even fit in my background.

It took a really long time to print, and when I realized how big it was I was too deep in to abandon it. It is a modular system, and I like the overall appearance,  but some design elements could have been better planned. There was no great way to align a tower with the bridge, and no 'risers' that fit the two unit width. The stacking items don't align well either. I ended up digitally modifying the tower to have an archway opening to the bridge; I added a horizontal band between the tower top and a roof to make it seem more natural, created a two-wide riser, and I digitally modified some parts so they fit correctly.

This next project is from Astland/Mini Dreams and was part of a Kickstarter. One of the add-ons was a bunker looking thing that I decided needed to be a subway/underground. I went a little overboard on this too- adding a base/platform with steps down to simulate depth, as well as a green mini-LED light inside (which isn't as bright as I'd hoped).

This build has parts from Astland (building, benches) and Warlayer (railings/walls, modified), a sign I designed,  as well as components from Hirst Arts, Keebler, and custom molds.

Lastly, a pretty much stock 3d printed house from Astland, also part of recent Kickstarter. This type of building is what I've been after for quite a while... just a normal, non-ruined house. I will certainly be making more as time allows, this stuff took ages to print.

I haven't taken time to set up any real nice photo layouts, but this stuff will certainly be showing up in pictures in the future.

Bundled Bernie is an STL I found on Thingiverse, showing yet again that its sometimes cold in the big city!

40K Space Pirates Additions - Satyr Art Studio Oldhammer Style

Satyr Art Studio released several Oldhammer styled miniatures over the last few months. I painted up two of the 'Space Pirates' to add to my 1980s Adventurers- they fit in perfectly.

Satyr Arts Studio are far left and fourth from the left.