Sunday, April 25, 2021

Chameleon Auxiliary - Tau Kill Team

I'd been anticipating the release of the Wargames Atlantic plastic Lizardmen, again with the intention of adding another xenos auxiliary to my Tau Kill team. I knew the kit was going to have a cool chameleon head.

As soon as I got the box I went to work modifying the arm to accept a Tau pulse rifle, with a new scope. I used a scabbard from the kit and added a new handle for a sheathed sword as well. Lastly, I sculpted a small shoulder pad so I could visually link him to the team a bit more.

I wasn't sure how I wanted to paint him, so I polled my Instagram account.

My sadistic followers voted for 3 (although I must be a masochist for listing it as an option... ).

 Group picture of my Xenos team members so far. 

Funny enough I don't have a Vespid or Kroot on the team, I need to rectify that.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Matthias Laetorius

I decided to make a miniature to go along with an idea I've been developing for a while, a sort of self portrait in the guise of an Imperial chronicler traveling on behest of a Necromundan noble. I've written a couple of short fluff pieces to go with some miniature builds, essentially excerpts from a fictitious book.

I started with a metal Reaper miniature as a base, and swapped in a head from Mad Robot. I shortened the legs a little by removing the boots and taking out the knees. This mini was quite large (I'm about 5'7"). I also added a reliquary.

I felt like he needed some companions so I made a couple of servo-skulls.

 He will probably be showing up in the background a lot :)

Colony 87 Workers and Servo-Skulls

A couple of Colony 87 workers along with some Forge World servo-skulls that I painted up for last month's #servoskullsaturday.