Saturday, April 10, 2021

Matthias Laetorius

I decided to make a miniature to go along with an idea I've been developing for a while, a sort of self portrait in the guise of an Imperial chronicler traveling on behest of a Necromundan noble. I've written a couple of short fluff pieces to go with some miniature builds, essentially excerpts from a fictitious book.

I started with a metal Reaper miniature as a base, and swapped in a head from Mad Robot. I shortened the legs a little by removing the boots and taking out the knees. This mini was quite large (I'm about 5'7"). I also added a reliquary.

I felt like he needed some companions so I made a couple of servo-skulls.

 He will probably be showing up in the background a lot :)


  1. He looks great! Nice conversion and a great paint job.

  2. This is the coolest idea ever. I love the whole concept and how you managed to turn it into a real mini. Pretty awesome, hats off!

  3. Those servo skull arms are so tiny!

    Fantastic work

  4. Fantastic figure, he really does give the feel of some kind of roving archivist. The conversion is brilliant - a totally unique character.

  5. Great idea, and a fantastic looking figure too. He (you?) really looks the part.

  6. Great idea, and very well executed!

    Those servo skulls are super fun too, with the pen cup and ink trailing around after him.

    1. Hehehe, thanks. I like my grimdark but a little humor inserted here and there shows my Rogue Trader roots ;)