Monday, September 4, 2023

Turnip 28 - Buildings - Bogs - Laundry - Cityscape

For a few years now I have tried to knock out a large terrain project over the summer, with the intention to finish it prior to the start of school. For a variety of reasons I missed the deadlines I'd set myself... but better late than never!

The project is four buildings, a city backdrop, some bogs, and a few 3D printed items. The buildings are pretty old school- foamboard (foamcore), balsa wood, and cereal box cardboard for shingles. There are other miscellaneous items from Hirst Arts molds and 3d printed items scattered around.

The backdrop is made from foamcore and is part 3D, part illusionistically painted.

The 'Gatehouse' is a close copy of an illustration by 'Black Crab Art' for the Turnip28 game.
Black Crab Art

Bogs are simple MDF board with built up borders (latex caulk and wall filler compound). The gloss is three layers of gloss polyurethane.

The Laundry and Water Pump are from Infinite Dimensions and are 3D prints. The root ox is also printed, its from the Turnip28 Patreon.

 A few scenic views...