Sunday, September 8, 2019

Wargames Atlantic Sci-Fi Greatcoat Troopers

Wargames Atlantic sent me 3D printed prototypes of their upcoming sci-fi greatcoat soldiers to paint for them. The resin printer that produced them is pretty astonishing; one is hard pressed to find evidence that they were printed! My understanding is that the plastic will have even better detail.

Based off what I have seen so far, we will see a flamer and grenade launcher as special weapons. I have read that there will be a lot of head options, so that a person can make a full box with one helmet type. I think that these will prove popular, I really like the look of the bearskin hats!

  Scale shot L-R:

Wargames Atlantic Raumjager, Dreamforge Eisenkern (body), GW Blackstone Traitor Guard, Wargames Atlantic Grognard, GW Chaos Marine, Hydra Miniatures, Wargames Atlantic Grognard, GW Necromunda Goliath, Raging Heroes