Sunday, September 8, 2019

Wargames Atlantic Sci-Fi Greatcoat Troopers

Wargames Atlantic sent me 3D printed prototypes of their upcoming sci-fi greatcoat soldiers to paint for them. The resin printer that produced them is pretty astonishing; one is hard pressed to find evidence that they were printed! My understanding is that the plastic will have even better detail.

Based off what I have seen so far, we will see a flamer and grenade launcher as special weapons. I have read that there will be a lot of head options, so that a person can make a full box with one helmet type. I think that these will prove popular, I really like the look of the bearskin hats!

  Scale shot L-R:

Wargames Atlantic Raumjager, Dreamforge Eisenkern (body), GW Blackstone Traitor Guard, Wargames Atlantic Grognard, GW Chaos Marine, Hydra Miniatures, Wargames Atlantic Grognard, GW Necromunda Goliath, Raging Heroes


  1. Interesting figures, I've not seen them before. Great painting too!

    1. New company! These aren't even out yet- they'll be hard plastic.