Thursday, February 9, 2017

Clue 3D, Part 2

I've made some more progress on the Clue 3D Board. I cut all the walls, although I am switching my door method, which means I'll need to re-cut some pieces. Floors for each room have been decided upon although I haven't quite figured out how I will do the secret doors in corner rooms. The center will either be a rug or a staircase. 

Originally I planned to use laser cut doors but I didn't buy enough, and rather than order more I am making my own. The doors are basswood, with inset small rare earth magnets to keep them in place. A nail is embedded in the wall and floor which attracts the magnets. That will also allow them to be opened and closed. Windows are laser cut pieces, I can't recall where they came from...

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Rogue Trader Space Orks

These old Rogue Trader era Space Orks were painted a few years ago, photographed by request. Not quite sure why I didn't base them with a spaceship/industrial look...