Monday, May 23, 2022

Tau Kill Team - Pilot - TB-8 - Robot Samurai

When "May the 4th" rolled around I realized I had an amusing Tau version of BB-8 printed out, but I didn't get him painted up in time. Now that I had a little more free time I knocked out the droid, an air caste pilot, and a robot samurai.

These are all 3D printed on my Mars2Pro. Robot Samurai is 'Kanbei' from RNEstudio, TB8 is on Cults3D. He needed a little work on the little gun arm, it was way too delicate (and it still is!). Tall pilot was found on CGTrader.


  1. Very cool! Needs some water cast and earth cast now. ;)

  2. I love them so much! The TT-8 is a touch of genius, ddn't see that coming :D

  3. Great additions. That samurai's paintjob is fantastic. I love that you added the TT-8... I can see him rolling around with the pug!