Friday, July 29, 2016

Darkest Africa Azande

A couple of years ago Lead Adventure Forum member HerbyF started an "Army Painters" club in which forum members set themselves a task to finish up or make significant progress on an army. In the past I took advantage of this self administered goal and finished off my Darkest Africa Force Publique and British Askaris. Basically, the idea is to complete a unit per month from July through December.

This year I moved on to the next army in my extensive Africa queue, Foundry's Azande range. They're a pretty interesting tribe located in the Congo, and are suitable enemies (and allies at times) for Zanzibar slavers, Force Publique, Congo basin tribes- and each other.

I already had a unit of spearmen painted, so I selected another troop type for my first group- the Azande riflemen. These figures represent Azande that have come into contact with 'Arab' and Western soldiers and have a rudimentary uniform. They'll work well for other random soldiers as they have an Egyptian style look to them that appears to be popular with tribes that wanted to look more civilized.


  1. Excellent! They look really nice.

  2. Love the houses. Especially the doors. Regards, Karl