Sunday, July 10, 2016

Servants of Ra - Main Characters

At long last the main characters of the Servants of Ra (the Egyptian faction from the game 'In Her Majesty's Name') have arrived.

I'm not quite sure why it took so long for me to finish these last few figures. I started out with the relatively boring robed figures with the idea that it would keep me interested in completing the group- once those were done I let the leaders sit for several months...

The leader of the Servants of Ra is none other than the resurrected pharaoh Akhenaten. I stuck with the 'official' paint scheme, I liked it quite a bit. I may touch up the inlaid colors on the weapon, they look a little rough.

The second in command is the Egyptophile Professor Abir, making an appearance here with his daughter Sairah, the group's premiere assassin.

The remaining figure from the Ra faction is a mummy priest. I didn't really like this figure, but by the time he was painted up I changed my mind.

I hope to get a photograph of the whole faction shortly. I ended up with way more figures than I could possible use in a game of IHMN, but I tend to overdo things when it comes to miniature games...

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