Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lead Adventure League Round 6 - Forgotten Library

My entry for Round 6 of the LPL on the Lead Adventure Forum.

I'd been wanting to make this scene for a year or two (I picked up the dwarves about three years ago) and finally managed to get the books cast after working on them on and off for several weeks. The books are cast in Merlin's Magic from a Hirst Arts mold, and I made a second mold to speed up the process. The bookshelves are foamcore. After that I painted the dwarves and finished up the rats just in time to submit a photo.

The dwarves are from Lead Adventure Miniatures, along with five of the larger rats. Another rat is from GW's Necrmunda range, and a few others that are clearly GW and are likely from the Skaven lineup. The little rats I bought second hand and I have no idea where they're from.


  1. Excellent and very atmospheric, dwarves are gorgeous, and I love the scenery...

    1. Thanks! The LAF dwarves are fun to paint. The bookshelves could have been better- I think I'm going to make more using plasticard.

  2. A really excellent vignette - this has been one of my favourites in the LPL so far :)


  3. Great painting and a really clever scene.

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