Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Sister Anna and Shadow War Armageddon Terrain

I finished up my last member of the 10 Sister Kill Team for Shadow War Armageddon. I had used another sister model for the character for one game- she charged an ork and managed to take him out (with a lot of luck), so I decided to roll for a 'combat' advance. 
Sister Anna ended up with 'Feint', which is pretty lame for a battle sister- essentially the model gives up an attack dice for a +2 to the combat resolution. The big problem is that regular sisters can only get bolt pistols or combat blades for melee weapons and they don't have a lot of attack dice to be giving up!

It was at this point that I re-read the rules and discovered that we'd been doing advances wrong the whole campaign. Roll twice and choose which one you want :)That would have made a HUGE difference in my teams skill set!!!

I decided to stick with the skill though, as disadvantageous as it is, mainly because I wanted to do the bolt pistol/combat blade conversion I had in mind and my Sisters are acting a bit crazy anyway.

It was a pretty challenging because I started with the 'pulling grenade pin with teeth' pose. I also painted up another Sister, with dark skin for variety... she's probably from Tallarn.

Within the last couple of weeks I managed to complete the Shadow War box set terrain, a set of Haemotrope Reactors, and a Promethium Relay. Very time consuming.

This set will probably be showing up quite a bit in future pictures.


  1. All looks fantastic! The terrain may have been time consuming, but I'm sure it'll get some good use.

  2. Wonderful stuff. This might clinch it for me picking up sector mechanicus.

  3. The sister on the left started out as the "grenade pin and teeth" model? That's an absolutely amazing conversion.

    The terrain looks really good. You've really nailed the ruse effect.

  4. Great work! That is an excellent conversion, and the sister with the darker skin looks great.

    I really like that new scenery, and you've done an excellent job painting it, but I can't really afford much of it, and I think it would look out of place unless you build a whole table worth.

    1. Thanks, appreciated. You're very right about the expense and the stylistic difference. I haven't really bought any large items outside the box set. I also tried to work colors from my existing industrial terrain into it here and there for some unity, and I plan to make a few things that really tie them together.